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The Importance of Color when Conveying your Brand’s Ethos

In this digital age, most of us spend hours each week consuming media from the internet and various social media channels. But at the end of that scrolling, what sticks and what doesn’t? What makes a brand’s visuals and character recognizable? One way to achieve this memorability is through making the color convey your brand’s ethos.

As consumers move away from traditional, long-form written content and towards visual media, having coherent and recognizable visuals that communicate your brand is critical. If brands want audiences to notice them, they must use consistent colors that relate to their business as a whole. To create a cohesive digital marketing strategy, color will play an integral role, it’s the best kept secret of any creative agency. So, we have decided to share it with you.

Here are 3 reasons why color is crucial in conveying your brand’s character:

Color makes you memorable

Viewing brands on the internet is like a room full of people at a party. You go around the room, introduce yourself, meet and learn about people only to move on to the next. In a room full of many options, some will stand out, and others won’t. Some will be memorable and others will fade away.


The digital world is no different. Online and with social media, anyone can access an unlimited number of people, content and brands simply with scrolling. Most of these brands will be forgotten. The key to having your brand stand out is through memorable visuals and colors that grab attention.

Since our first impressions are always visual, color is important in conveying brand ethos. Research has shown that 60% of the time people will decide based on color alone, regardless of if they are attracted or not to a message. A branding agency, based on their proven methods and research, will help you pick the best color that resonates with your brand is attractive to viewers to curate an irresistible digital marketing strategy. There is a method to this madness we call branding.

Color solidifies your brand’s ethos

While many people think that logos and visuals are what makes up a brand, it should actually be  their mission, values and impact. Your brand is your character and your personality; marketing is simply how these features are conveyed through design and color choices.

As your brand has certain associations based on your industry or mission, its colors should match this. For instance, the color red represents intensity and power, so it would be fitting for a company focused on fitness or coaching. The visuals should help convey the brand’s values and mission, and serve as a simple reminder of the brand.

Choosing a color palette to match your brand character

Since color is the first thing viewers see, it’s important to consider what emotions you want to communicate through your visuals. Color psychology shows that each color has a message associated with it, and this should match the message your brand sends.

For instance, if you want your brand to convey health, nature and growth, green would be the color to choose. For a brand that values wisdom, independence and creativity, purple would communicate this best.

Research your competitors and take note of the colors that have already been proven to connect with your target audience. After that, personalize this to match your brand essence, and there you have it, a color palette that displays your brand’s ethos!

….or you can let the professionals at a branding agency handle it. With our tried and true methods and unique approach to creating cohesive branding with color that matches your brand’s character, The Creative Parlor will get you all set up for success!

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