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3 Key Marketing Techniques to Jumpstart Your Business in 2022

Another wild year in the books in terms of online business growth. As we eagerly await the world to open up, more businesses are beginning their online ventures and modifying their operations to be more digital. As the new digital economy grows right before our very own eyes, it can be daunting for new businesses to step in and market their services.

More startups fail within their first year than ever before. The market is flooded with competitors that can put you into analysis paralysis over which marketing tactics will effectively put your brand out there and attract customers.

Regardless of your business, small or large, the options for digital marketing are endless. From influencer marketing to email marketing, it can be overwhelming deciding which marketing options to choose. Coming from a digital marketing agency, here are the 3 key marketing techniques to jumpstart your business in 2022. But don’t take it from us; you’ve got to try them out for yourself!


1. Create Engaging Content

Excellent quality and engaging content is arguably the most powerful tool businesses can utilize to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Optimized, searchable, relevant, informative, influential, and actionable content is key to gaining the trust and respect of your audience. By providing informative and relevant content your target audience is searching for, you’ll position yourself as a go-to expert in the field, and thus gaining the customer’s trust and ultimately business.

Working with a digital marketing agency, you’ll be able to identify the topics your audience is searching for and create content in that niche, whether it be text, visual, or video content. Make it real, make it personal, make it yours.

Clients love businesses that they can engage with. Businesses that feel like real people. Making a purchase isn’t as simple as providing a product in exchange for money; it’s the experience and the feeling that makes the sale. This brings us to point number 2 – brand identity.


2. Invest In a Strong Brand Image

Long gone are the days of basic websites and Facebook pages. In the digital economy, your brand image is what sets you apart from others, so take time and money to invest in creating a consistent and reputable brand image.

How do you do that, you may wonder?

Create content consistent with the image you want your brand to exude!

Once you determine what you want your brand persona to look, sound, and feel like, you’ll begin creating content to align with the image. Whether it is a video tutorial, a weekly podcast, or an infographic that educates and gives value. Digital marketing is more than just Google or Instagram ads; it’s becoming recognizable in the niche your business is in.

A sure way to accomplish that is by creating content aligned with the image and communicating the message that best aligns with your brand.


3. Personalization Is King

With the various interests and demographics, it really is impossible to create a business that serves everyone. Even giants like Apple have not yet won over the entire market and there are many Android aficionados out there. So, instead of creating content for everyone, focus on personalization.

In 2022, your focus should be to Inspire your audience by personalizing your content to their needs. Find a niche within the niche and create content around it. For this to take place, you’ll need to rely on analytics. What gets measured gets improved, and in 2022, you’ll be improving your content and digital marketing strategy with The Creative Parlor!

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