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WordPress: Introduction to The Most Powerful Website Building Tool In 2022

Whether you’ve dipped your toes in the website development world or you’re a complete newbie, chances are, you’ve heard the term WordPress before. Used to create more than a third of all the currently available websites, WordPress has earned a pretty respectable position in the digital world.

From business sites to personal blogs, WordPress has become a staple of content creation, managing websites, and tracking the site’s activity via analytics. An all-in-one answer to all of your website dreams, WordPress takes the lead when it comes to efficiency, even more than us after our morning coffee.

While a simple platform in itself, to take full advantage of all that WordPress has to offer, you’ll need to understand what it is and how to utilize it.

So, if you’re currently considering building your own website, or you’re simply curious about WordPress and the benefits of it, you’ve come to the right spot. 

What Is WordPress?

Put into simple terms, WordPress is the most user-friendly and powerful website-building platform available on the market todayIt’s a fantastic website platform for a wide range of sites. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that leverages a MySQL database and is developed in PHP. 

A CMS platform is a technology that helps in managing critical components of your webpage, such as blog posts and articles, without having to understand code. Pretty hard to believe after we just dropped a bunch of acronyms in your lap. All of it to say that WordPress is pretty cool.

WordPress is considered to be a big fish in the world of website development. It has an astounding global presence of over 19 million sites! It also has a market penetration of over 60% and oversees more than 30% of the internet’s websites, which are impressive numbers that no other platform of its kind was able to achieve. 

Why Should You Use WordPress?

Perhaps the most convincing aspect of using WordPress is that it is an entirely free platform for anyone to begin using, appealing to those that may be on the budget or are simply experimenting with their site.

While the WordPress platform in itself is free, the number of available features could get quite overwhelming for the everyday user, so working with a team experienced with website development and the platform is highly beneficial. The Creative Parlor team are experts when it comes to WordPress and the many customization options. If you can envision it, they will help you make it happen. 

So, start that blog, build that website, and go after your internet dreams – using WordPress, of course!

WordPress Is Customizable

WordPress is the perfect choice for those not well-experienced in the website development field because of the extensive theme library available for WordPress users! There are hundreds of free website themes and layouts to choose from and to make your site uniquely yours with a wide range of WordPress plugins that act like accessories for your website, taking your website from a 7 to a solid 9, much like the right set of jewelry.

Once installed, the WordPress themes are extremely simple to edit! The majority of them have an options panel that allows you to change colors, add a logo, alter the background, make gorgeous sliders, and completely modify it to your demands. The best part is, you do not have to write any code!

To add advanced functions to your site, whether it is statistics, contact forms, or a subscription section, you may require assistance from an experienced WordPress developer. 

Who might we know that can help you with that? 

If your first thought was, Creative Parlor, you’re right on target!

WordPress Knows SEO

In today’s digital world, Search Engine Optimization is key to success. It is quite difficult to create a successful online business if no one is able to find you. So, you need to make your presence known, and the best way to do it is by creating content around a specific topic using very specific wording. That, in a nutshell, is search engine optimization.

WordPress is well-known for featuring fully integrated SEO. It creates meta description tags for all of your listings automatically and informs search engines, such as Google, about the newly posted material, allowing your website to be easily searched and potentially rank higher in the results. And for those that require more SEO assistance, there are additional available extensions and digital tools that provide more SEO options. 

The Moral Of the Story Is…

WordPress is a powerful platform that can be used for both business and personal projects. There is practically no project that this platform can’t conquer. Because of its simplicity and user-friendliness, WordPress is the platform of choice among both tech-savvy individuals and web-novices alike. 

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